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How ‘Radical Acceptance’ Builds a Bridge Between the Gulfs of Who I Am

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This morning I journaled a really difficult, painful week. Instead of simply doing a recount of events, people, and problems, I decided to try to write from where the pain was really coming from.

I took inspiration from a New York Times article on Marsha Linehan’s own personal experience of the most unbearable psychological pain caused by “the gulf between the person she wanted to be and the person she was [which] left her desperate, hopeless, deeply homesick for a life she would never know.

That gulf was real, and unbridgeable.” And this is what I came up with about my own 10 current gulfs which also left me desperate, hopeless, and desperately homesick for a life I don’t know: 1. The gulf between who I wanted to be and who I actually am.

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