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How I'm Normalizing Sobriety for My Son

When I was a kid, I was taught that drinking alcohol in excess was a normal thing that all adults do. It was completely “normal” to get wasted, chain smoke cigarettes, do drugs, drive drunk, throw up in the car, sleep around, start fights, play Rod Stewart’s “Wake Up Maggie” 25 times on repeat on the bar jukebox and generally make messes that you can conveniently blame on alcohol the next day.

Blacking out was “funny.” Day-long hangovers were “funny.” It’s all just so much fun – until it’s really not. Sometimes when I think about my drinking and drugging days, I can’t breathe.

I feel this enormous weight of shame and regret pushing down on my chest, and no matter how many times I remind myself that I’m no longer that person, I still hate

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