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“How I Learned to Love Slack: When ADHD and RSD Meet WFH”

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Before COVID-19 locked down big cities and shuttered offices, I was devising new coping strategies for managing the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) that were interfering with my productivity at work.I’m fortunate to work in a supportive environment — my employer knows about my ADHD and permits me to tweak working conditions when necessary.

So, prior to social distancing mandates, I worked from home on occasion. You’d think that working from home all the time during the pandemic wouldn’t feel that different, right?

Wrong.In some ways, it’s harder now for me to get work done (distractions in the kitchen frequently tempt my ADHD brain!), but full-time WFH has also provided the

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