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How Frankie Jonas’ TikTok Journey Made Me Feel Seen

Frankie Jonas is eight years younger than his next sibling, and in some ways I feel like I can relate more to him as the older sibling than anybody else.

I may be the older one, yet in many ways, I was overshadowed and struggled to find my own like Frankie did himself. As Frankie was known as “Bonus Jonas,” I was, for many years, known as “the big sister” or “her sister,” never being called for who I am.

When my sister was born, I was excited to have a playmate, a built-in best friend. What I didn’t know was that being eight years her senior, there would be a lot of moments when my build-in best friend wasn’t there for me, when she couldn’t relate to what life stage I was going through, to help me through my struggles.

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