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How Entrepreneurs Can Fortify Their Startups Against Fraud

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Fraud in the workplace is a problem of gigantic proportions. Everything from a little light skimming of the cash register to fraud at a corporate level represents extreme risks that organizations need to guard against.While each industry has unique risks that it must mitigate against, there are plenty of common threats that a robust and structured anti-fraud policy can help prevent.Understanding these risks and how to protect your business against them is a critical step in mitigating fraudulent employee risks.Let’s be clear, understanding the size of the problem will not make pleasant reading.

However, it is essential to read because knowing the size and scope of the problem is a vital first step to mitigating the risk.The challenges that employee fraud raises are often in line with e-commerce fraud trends.

But there are plenty of areas where they differ and detection methods and how businesses defend against it differ accordingly.But how big is the problem?

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