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How Emotional Intelligence Sex Ed Could Be a Game Changer

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Comprehensive sex education that occurs through a graduated curriculum beginning as early as kindergarten and into college is considered to be one of the most fundamental preventative factors in mitigating sexual violence, child sexual abuse, and gender/sexual orientation based violence.

Currently, 39 states and the District of Colombia require some form of sex education, however, the consistency and medical accuracy of these programs varies drastically state by state.

Some sobering statistics about the current state of sex education according to Planned Parenthood include: – Only 18 states are required to teach birth control in addition to abstinence only – Only 18 states require the information taught to be medically accurate – 26 states and the District of Colombia require the information be age appropriate – Only 10 states require affirming education regarding LGBTQIA+ identities and relationships – Six states ban any discussion regarding LGBTQIA+ identities and relationships But ultimately what or if sex education is taught is left up to individual districts, and schools and parents have the option to exempt their children from attending.

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