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How Do We Stay Optimistic in a Complicated World? Realism Isn’t the Answer.

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Ask me whether I see the glass as “half-full” or “half-empty” and I may get away with a humorous answer —like I’m just hanging right in there with the “half-and-half” crowd.

Jokes apart though, the case of optimists vs pessimists feels like it’s becoming a cold one in a world that’s too complicated for an optimistic prognosis.In the age of instant information and literally billions of pieces of advice on every question a human being has ever come up, it’s getting incredibly hard to don rose-colored glasses and keep them on.

In times when even kids are hardly optimistic about the world’s future, the proverbial glass test used for a quick “diagnosis” of the amount of optimism/pessimism a person is predisposed to looks kind of naive against

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