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How Burnout Impacts Me as Someone With Endometriosis

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I want to talk about how burnout impacts me and my body with endometriosis. Despite all my best efforts to stay within my usual health baseline, it doesn’t always work and there are days I can accept that more easily than others.

Having a disease impact so many areas of your life can be daunting at times, but I’ve also learned the value of listening to your body so you can do your best to get through any discomfort, pain, or unpleasant symptoms.

This is often how I figure out that I’m feeling burned out. So what does burnout feel like with endometriosis? I’m so glad you asked because I’m currently going through it! My mind is so tired. I don’t want to make any decisions or think about something too hard because my brain is just exhausted from being “on” too long.

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