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How Banning Plastic Straws Affects Disabled People

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Plastic straws are essential for me. I use plastic straws as I have a lot of weakness in my wrists due to hypermobility and palsies (paralysis in my wrists caused by problems with my nerves brought on by my functional neurological disorder) so lifting cups and tipping a cup to drink can be tricky.

I use lidded cups because of my tremor and involuntary movements, and just being a clumsy person, plus lidded cups are lighter weight and easier for me to hold.

I use stretchy lids that go over cups to make them un-spillable, and they require a straw. I’ve found a lot of straw alternatives unsuitable — they fall apart, I injure myself on them, I’m allergic to them, they can’t be used in hot drinks, they’re not 100 percent hygienic, they cut off

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