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How Alyson Stoner's Religious Shame Resonated With Me as a Bisexual

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“I felt stuck. I felt wretched. I felt like everything was wrong with me, even though I, in my heart of hearts, only desired to be a devoted follower of God…” As I read through Alyson Stoner’s story on Insider, I instantly found myself connecting with her words on a profound level.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone so accurately explain the pervasive shame and disconnection I feel quite like she did.

The 27-year old actress and newly published author shared with Insider about how her first experience of love with another woman sent her into a spiral so deep that she made the choice to admit herself to an outpatient form of conversion therapy in hopes that she could “veer away from being queer.” Like Stoner, I grew up in a

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