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How ADHD Impacts Your Child’s Communication Skills – and 11 Ways to Help

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are directly tied to communication:Exacerbated by other aspects of ADHD – like executive dysfunction and emotional dysregulation – communication problems are common, and often result in misunderstandings, reactivity, conflict and stress at home, and problems in school.To address these challenges, we can follow a three-step approach to improve communication skills for kids with ADHD:It’s helpful to think of ADHD as a disorder of executive function (EF).

EFs are the cognitive processes that allow us to focus and concentrate, plan and organize, manage information, and regulate our behavior and emotions.

Many people don’t realize that ADHD impacts all these self-management skills, many of which are also involved in communication.[Free Download: How to Improve Social Skills in Children with ADHD]To manage a conversation, we have to pay attention and sort through information that comes in, hold it in mind, organize it, and come up with a response, all in real time and without interrupting the other person.

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