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How a Mindful Smile Improves Your Happiness and Health

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Babies smile—a lot. Beauty queens smile—on cue. Winners smile—mostly in between all that jumping and high-fiving. Smiles are a way of expressing our happiness, our joy, our pride, or our gratitude.

More than that, smiles are a way of connecting, of saying—without words—‘I’m with you on this. I acknowledge you as a fellow human, or as a delightful animal, or a beautiful flower; someone or something I’m in sync with’.

All this you already know. But did you know smiles are really good for your health and well-being? What a Smile Does To Your Health One research by Hewlett Packard used electromagnetic brain scans and heart-rate monitors to measure the “mood-boosting values” for a variety of stimuli including sex, chocolate, and money. Their

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