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“How a Few Great Books Ended My ADHD Shame Spiral”

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“Am I just like Brian?”I stored the thought in the back of my mind and pondered it every now and again. Then, during an evaluation, my supervisor mentioned a few issues with my work habits, and a bell sounded in my head.“Ding!

Dong! This sounds like ADHD!”“I think I have ADHD,” I told my supervisor.“I think so, too,” she said. She had a grandson with ADHD and was familiar with the symptoms.I told the pediatrician during my son’s check-in appointment, “I think I have ADHD.”He replied, “You do!”It was disconcerting that the doctor had only observed me at short routine appointments, yet had made this conclusion.

What signs of ADHD did he see in me? What did other people notice?To be frank, receiving my adult ADHD diagnosis was devastating.

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