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House Rules for the Holidays

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For the Norman Rockwell family, the holidays are a quiet time of peace, love and togetherness. However, several weeks of school-free kids, cooped up in cold weather along with visiting relatives and in-laws never seem to paint the same pretty picture!This is not to say that each family has exactly the same dynamic at holiday times, but rather, often we become paralyzed by our own expectations of the ‘ideal’ family get-together.That’s why I’m never surprised that as the season approaches, apprehensive attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) families ask how they’ll ever “get through it”.

While parents often hope for the best, it is wise to revisit problem areas from holidays past.Children with ADHD can find holiday and family occasions over-stimulating beyond their tolerance level.

Knowing this, you can better understand your family’s difficulties and begin employing a few simple strategies that will help make the holidays a happier time for everyone.Set aside time before visiting with family to review with your child what your expectations of their behavior include.

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