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Helpliner by Sharon

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You don’t know me, I’m a voice on the phone, A number you chose to call, To share your deepest fears.You call from a place of safety, Anonymous from your home, A haven that’s a safe prison, Where rituals and habits rule.You cry out your despair, Sob your sheer panic aloud; You share your darkest secrets, Your life story pours out.Sometimes you vent your anger, I am your target that day.

Venting your frustrations, We somehow find another way.You may ring to share fantasies, The chance taken to thrill, You’re redirected hastily, As your needs I simply distill.You ring me in loneliness, Your solitude suffocating, You’re one of my “regulars”, Weeks pass with no one visiting; You ruminate, building fears, Reaching fever pitch alone, Your worst

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