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Helping a Workaholic in Therapy: 18 Symptoms & Interventions

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download our three Self-Compassion Exercises for free. These detailed, science-based exercises will help you increase the compassion and kindness you show yourself.The construct of workaholism, derived from the analogy to alcoholism, was first defined in the 1970s as “addiction to work, the compulsive and uncontrollable need to work incessantly” (Oates, 1971).Early on, workaholics were often characterized as those who worked more than 50 hours per week, but the term has since evolved to consider not just time spent at work, but the attitude about and mental preoccupation with work (Andreassen, 2014).Most contemporary definitions characterize a workaholic as someone who displays a problematic, irresistible preoccupation or obsession with.

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