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Habits Can Make You Stupid and Then Kill You

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I’ve written 18 books. I’ve started 20 businesses. I’ve failed at about 17 of them but some have done OK.I’ve helped raise two beautiful kids.

I have a podcast that I love doing.Sometimes I’m really lazy. Sometimes I do nothing. I go play arcade games or watch TV or sit in a store and drink coffee and play on my iPad.But to do all of the above I had to work a lot.Everyone is into habit porn these days. “Do these habits for success.”I like this salmon dish across the street.

So a month ago I said, I’m going to just eat this every day and make decision-making easier.Within a week I was sick of it. I thought I was going to die if I ate another bite of salmon.If you do the same thing every day, your brain gets used to it.

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