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“Ghosting Is Rude — and Difficult for Adults with ADHD to Comprehend”

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Before I moved into my new flat, I exchanged numbers with a neighbor who lives with her partner. They’re a lovely couple, and I was excited about having them as potential friends.She told me it was fine to message her with “any questions at all,” so I fired off a few, such as “Where are the gas meters?” and “What should I budget for monthly bills?” In return, I offered to help them with paperwork for their start-up.

Since we all work from home, I asked if they wanted to occasionally “body double” with me.Then, a month after I moved in, my neighbor blocked me.

Her boyfriend messaged me, saying I should only contact them through him.This was a weird and hurtful blow. My new neighbors seemed so nice, and I thought we were beginning to build a neighborly friendship.

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