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For the Love of Gaming: Why It Hooks Kids with ADHD

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hooked on video games and would choose gaming over almost any other activity. We asked ADDitude readers why they (or their child) think the appeal to gaming is so strong.“My 7-year-old has been completely hooked on video games since the first time he was allowed time on a tablet at two years old.

His screen time is extremely limited because he cannot tear himself away from the screen even to eat. When it comes to turning a game off, he struggles to do it, and melts down once it’s off.

I attribute it to the constant stimulation he gets from playing these games. They are colorful and challenging, but in some ways predictable. He gets the novelty that his brain craves with the structure and stability that helps him make sense of the world.” ­— An ADDitude reader“He gets to achieve, change games if someone makes him feel bad, and find online friends who accept his quirks.

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