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Finding My Small Space on This Small Blue Ball as a Person Who Stutters

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Maybe about a decade ago, when I was reading 50 books a year (when did I ever have that kind of focus and time!?), I stumbled across a newly published work of nonfiction titled “The Age of Wonder.” It was a beautifully evocative tale of scientific discoveries in the late 18th century, couched in advancements and breakthroughs made possible by insatiable curiosity and the sky literally being the limit.

It introduced me to my long-running favorite astronomer, Caroline Herschel (who is absolutely worth falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole for).

But it also reintroduced me to the importance of wanting to be left in humbled awe of wonders both earthbound and heavenly. As a person who stutters (PWS), I’ve had a lifetime of my world being reduced

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