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Female Airline Pilot Explains How She Pursued Her Dreams

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flight school had decided to come to the career fair. ADVERTISEMENT “There was nothing that made my heart beat faster than the stand of the Flight Academy.

I expressed to the people that were operating the stand my concerns about the flight training being difficult and expensive,” Lindy explained. “They told me that it was possible to take a loan from the bank and fund the flight training this way, paying it back as soon as you start working.”“I started to do a lot of research; at some point, I found one school that I felt very positive about, and it was in Madrid.

I was 17 years old at the time, and I traveled alone to Madrid to go for the selection process. It was three days full of tests, simulators, and a medical exam.”She anxiously awaited the results of the tests, hoping she’d passed all of them.

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