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F*CK This, I’m Water — Ancient Wisdom for Our Plagued Existence

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The best way to live is to be like water ~ Tao Te ChingWhen I was in my twenties, going through one of my many dramas, I turned to my chiller, old-soul of a brother for guidance.“Be like water,” he told me, “just roll over sh*t and say, ‘F*ck this, I’m water.’”Now this same brother is holed up in his Brooklyn apartment, infected with the Coronavirus and I am living one long day at a time in the ‘burbs as my kids’ constant teacher/cook/playmate.I’m water, I mumble to myself repeatedly.

I. Am. Water.When he first gave me this urban-tongued suggestion to emulate liquid, he was riffing on the teachings of the Tao Te Ching — the ancient Chinese philosophy that espouses stillness, acceptance, and inner peace — tenets which were pretty much the

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