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Exploring Grief as a Major Theme in Jordan Peele's 'Nope'

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Jordan Peele’s new feature film  “Nope ” killed (baduntss) at the box office, raking in $148.7 million. As with any Monkeypaw Productions flick, there’s been a lot of conversation about different themes in the movie, with everyone landing on spectacle, the relationship between animal and man, and tragedy as the major themes worthy of discussion.

I’m wondering why no one has spoken about one of the strongest themes of the movie, grief?  SPOILERS BELOW THIS POINT In Jordan Peele’s “Nope,” the first scene of the movie shows Otis senior dying due to a nickel that falls from the sky.

Right before his death, he’s speaking to Otis Jr. (OJ) about how their next movie venture will truly set them up for life and get rid of all their financial problems.

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