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Explained and Debunked: ADHD Clutter Boxes, and How They Could Actually Be Your New Best Friend

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I’ve written about these babies how many times? There are only so many times you can write about something in passing before you realize, “Wait, I need to break this down completely.”  Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Clutter Box Noun A box and/or contained space where ADHD folk put random doodads and knick-knacks in their home that don’t quite have a pre-ordained space.  “I don’t know where to put that measuring tape.

Just put it in that box (read: ADHD clutter box) and I’ll figure it out later.” Sound familiar? If you have ADHD, there’s a really good chance you have one (or four) of these around your place, sometimes in multiple places and rooms.

It’s not a bad thing or something you should be ashamed of, rather, it’s one of those ADHD things that we don’t realize is a potential ADHD thing until someone else points it out.

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