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Experiencing an End-of-Summer Health Slump? Here’s How To Get Out of It

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Starbucks‘ Pumpkin Spice Latte is returning on August 30. That can only mean one thing: Summer is on its way out. And bidding adieu to sun-kissed skin, laid-back vibes, and the peak of hot-girl-walk season is a hard pill to swallow.

If you’re like me and experiencing the so-called “August Blues” (think: “Sunday Scaries,” but lasting for a month) as summer is coming to an end, the feelings of sadness and anxiety have set in.

Your wellness routine is nowhere to be found, and you’re in an in-between funk. Sound familiar?Whether it’s the dog days of summer (extreme heat and humidity that leaves you exhausted), your going-out-and-drinking-more summer habits, or the notion that everyone else is on a European excursion while you’re at work, the August Blues are real.

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