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Everything You Need to Do Lymphatic Drainage at Home

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the workout trends taking over FitTok are countless TikTokers massaging their way to de-puffing and sculpted bliss. ICYMI, I’m referring to the uber trendy concept known as lymphatic drainage massage, AKA the holy grail of naturally flushing out toxins, revving up the immune system, rejuvenating cellular function, and minimizing excess fluid retention and bloat.So how does it actually work?

Think of the lymphatic system as the body’s “sewage system,” whose purpose is to help detoxify and get rid of damaged cells, bacteria, or toxins (read more about the lymphatic system here).

With the helping hand of a gua sha, dry brush, or your literal hands, you can manually manipulate specific areas of your body to encourage the flow of (read: drain) lymphatic fluid toward the lymph nodes where it’s filtered and fed back into the bloodstream.

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