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Everyday ADHD: Quirky Productivity Hacks for Easily Bored Brains

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Household chores are both mundane and onerous for ADHD brains. Low executive function, boredom, and lack of novelty complicate tasks that, to others, seem trivial, leading to shame and feelings of failure in people with ADHD.Often, however, simple changes make all the difference: Many people with ADHD have found that tailoring tasks to their symptoms (and strengths) makes it easier to complete them faster and with less stress.

When it seems like your to-do list is overwhelming, borrow these innovative productivity hacks from other adults with ADHD, then add your solutions in the Comments section below.“When everything is a mess or I feel paralyzed, it often works to decide on doing 10 defined things.

Anything counts: putting a pencil away or throwing a receipt in the paper basket. Once I have started, I often continue way past the 10 things, but it does not feel like a criteria.” — Emma, Denmark“I move around the house, completing chores in increments.

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