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Effective Communication in Therapy & Counseling: 17 Techniques

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what we express and how we express it (Wachtel, 2011).Establishing empathy with clients requires a high degree of insight and a strong sense of shared understanding (Norcross, 2011).Thankfully, communication is a skill that can be monitored and improved through awareness, education, and practice.This article explores the importance of communication in therapy and counseling, introducing several vital skills and techniques and providing a set of worksheets to improve communication both inside and outside sessions.Before you continue, we thought you might like to download our three Positive Communication Exercises (PDF) for free.

These science-based tools will help you and those you work with build better social skills and better connect with others.A task force set up by the American Psychological Association reviewed research on what makes therapeutic relationships most successful.

Based on 16 meta-analyses, they found the following to be vital (Angelis, 2019):With the therapeutic relationship as essential as the treatment method, communication and collaboration become increasingly valuable to the overall outcomes of therapy and counseling (Angelis, 2019).Wachtel (2011, p.

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