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Different Types of Therapy [Psychotherapy]: Which is Best For You?

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Updated 3/7/2022There are many different types of therapy that might be right for you. To make the choice manageable, we broke them down into the factors that make a “type” of psychotherapy (you can use the handy links below to jump around the guide):Whether you are an aspiring therapist planning your career path or a potential client looking for the type of therapy that best fits your preferences, considering all of these factors is crucial. “Type of therapy” typically refers to a therapeutic approach, but this factor is not more important than others.

Many clients and therapists value the other factors far more than the particular therapeutic approach. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to find the right kind of therapy session for your mental health condition.

Regardless of therapeutic approach, online therapy offers results that are in line with in-person therapy. Even less traditional methods of therapy, such as dance therapy and art therapy, can now be realistically administered online with new video technology platforms.With the exception of severe mental illnesses that require intensive in-person treatment, the choice between online therapy and in-person therapy is a matter of preference.There are more than fifty types of therapeutic approaches.

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