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Dear Health Community, Pop Culture Matters. Here's Why.

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It’s easy to say “I don’t care,” when a celebrity is in some new drama or comes forward with a new health diagnosis. In fact, a lot of people can’t find it in them to care when there are “real world” problems happening.

As someone who is in the real world, has many problems, and who heavily pays attention to pop culture, I can confidently say pop culture matters, not just because writing about it is what secures my paycheck, but for a number of reasons, especially in regards to the health community.

Representation matters (but not all representation is good representation). Whether it be about Hailey Bieber talking about her latest health scare, Demi Lovato talking about their eating disorder or battle with addiction, or Halsey recently revealing multiple health diagnoses, it opens a door to communication about life with different health conditions, and beyond that potential avenues for advocacy and activism.

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