High school teens with ADHD guest blog ADHD in a Pandemic

“Dear Fellow Superhuman Students with ADHD: We Got This.”


IEP), if you will? A plan where I wouldn’t have to struggle to match the neurotypical way, and where I would prove to myself that there’s nothing wrong with neurodivergent learning?Take it from me – when it comes to surviving hybrid or online learning, you’re better off owning your ADHD, and there probably hasn’t been a better time to do so.One of the best things about remote learning is not worrying if you are behaving “correctly” so your neurotypical classmates aren’t “torn away from work because of you.” Right now, we don’t have to follow school rules designed to limit distractions for neurotypical students.So if you have a fidgeting device (be it a cube or a spinner), USE IT!

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