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Dear Disabled and Chronically Ill People: It's OK to Complain Sometimes

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Emma! Back again?”  One nurse exclaims to me as I’m rolled down the hallway in a hospital bed, transported to have a CT scan. “Yeah, unfortunately.”  Though I said it with a laugh under my breath, internally, I felt numb.

This was my third stay in roughly three months or, more specifically, my second admission in less than two weeks — with this most recent stay totaling nine days.

Most of the nursing staff know me by my first name and vice versa. Some of them talk about the “positivity” in my room as I chat with them about shows they’re binging or what brought them into healthcare, and earlier in the day, another staff member unexpectedly walked into my room. “Do you remember me from South 6 ICU?” he asked, referring to a life-threatening event from February of last year.

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