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Dealing with Difficult People

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Listen. We know how hard hard conversations are. And how much harder they get when the person you need to have one with hates them even more than you do. So, how the heck do you deal with difficult people? And not just in a pandemic or during the (virtual?) holidays (though that too), but every day, whether you work with them, live with them, date them, and/or gave birth to them.The sisters are hear to help.You ask.

Lauren and Marnie answer. Alright. Lauren answers and Marnie nods, chuckles, and makes sure whatever Lauren answers not only landed with you, but didn’t splatter.Marnie: Okay, Lauren the topic today is difficult people.

Ready?Lauren: Sure.Marnie: First question:Lauren: Okay. First you need to set up a time to speak with them and

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