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COVID-19 Lawsuit Protection Against Healthcare Providers

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When Amanda Wilson took her 15-year-old son to a California hospital for a bleeding cyst treatment, she never expected that the hospital would be the place where he would catch an infection that would lead to his untimely death.

Amanda’s son died of a multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a rare, life-threatening complication of COVID-19. Wilson believes her son contracted the disease at the hospital, where she claims her son was surrounded by coughing patients at the emergency room for hours.

Unfortunately for Wilson and her family, there seems to be no legal recourse for the loss of her son. What’s even more shocking is that the hospital has yet to make changes (as they had promised her) to ensure that other patients don’t suffer the same fate as her son. (1) No Legal Recourse for Patients and Family Members Since the pandemic hit the United States, lawmakers across the nation have been on a law passing spree, declaring orders or activating state-of-emergency statutes that make it almost impossible for COVID patients or their families to get legal recourse for lapses in the medical care of COVID patients. “Lawsuits are there to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for theirdangerous and negligent  actions,” says Jon Ostroff of the Ostroff Injury Law.

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