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Child Genius Enters College at 12, Plans to Become a Space Engineer

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a NASA rocket, and the Apollo 11. She even made a Lego replica of the Millennium Falcon.Alena said the following on ABC’s Good Morning America:The popular childhood pastime helped her channel her passion for engineering.

As Alena’s mom, Daphne McQuarter, watched her daughter create these masterpieces, she realized she had a genius on her hands.“She would organize the Legos by color, by size,” McQuarter recalled of Alena. “She was always strategic with her Legos, and if you messed up her Legos, it was a whole problem.

If you took one of her Legos out of the little set, she knew that one of her Legos were missing.”As an avid Star Wars fan, Alena said the Millennium Falcon was probably her favorite build so far.

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