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“Catastrophizing Is Second Nature for My ADHD Brain.”

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Pitching story ideas to editors is a nerve-wracking task that I have, for the most part, mastered as a freelance writer. Cold pitching is practically second nature to me at this point.

But there are occasions when I think a pitch is terrible.So terrible, in fact, my mind conjures a scenario where the editor has called all their coworkers into the office to laugh at the electronic vomit splashed into their inbox. “OMG, guys, what is this?!” I imagine the editor says to their colleagues, who unanimously agree that my pitch is awful.To raucous laughter and applause, the editor vows to call up all their editor mates. “I’m going to get this guy blacklisted,” they say, the office now resembling a party. “He’ll rue the day he dared to send me such half-cooked nonsense!”Oh, dear.

Should I email the editor to profusely apologize for the terrible pitch and take it back? I don’t want to get blacklisted! Is that even possible?

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