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Can’t Live Without PSLs? Here’s How Experts Make Them Super Healthy

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the fall season, it’s the cult-favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s the comforting drink we wait for all year because there’s nothing like the cozy hygge vibes we get from sipping on warm, pumpkin-spiced goodness on a crisp autumn day.

There’s one caveat: The traditional PSL, as we know and love from a certain green-and-white siren, is flavored with not-so-great-for-you ingredients: added sugar and natural flavors (read: flavoring agents that can be highly processed and contain preservatives and chemical additives), just to name a few.The good news is I’ve picked the brains of doctors and dietitians to create the ultimate healthy PSL, whether at home or at your everyday coffee outpost.

And if you just can’t part with your beloved Starbucks PSL, I’ve got a tip or two for you, too. Read on for five ways to hack your way to a nutritious, gut-friendly PSL. Spoiler alert: Your PSL will never be the same again—for the better.

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