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Bullying Is the Norm. So Is an Inadequate Response.

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September 30, 2022Despite nationwide anti-bullying campaigns, zero-tolerance school policies, and calls for kindness, bullying remains a serious public health issue.

Youth today continue to fall victim to negative verbal and physical confrontations. In a recent ADDitude survey on youth mental health, a staggering 61% of respondents said their child had been bullied; of those respondents, 72% were dissatisfied with the school’s response to incidents on campus, on a school bus, or online.Children with ADHD are nearly twice as likely to be bullied as their neurotypical peers, and that bullying and cyberbullying are most often experienced in middle or high school.

1 Family financial strain, developmental delay or intellectual disability, friendship difficulties, and school-reported problems contribute to the risk of victimization.

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