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Brené Brown's New Docuseries Is the Emotional Education We All Need

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I admit it…I am a Brené Brown super fan. I have read every one of her books, seen her TED talks ad infinitum, watched her Netflix special “The Call to Courage” at least four times and listened to all of the episodes of her two podcasts, “Unlocking Us'” and “Dare to Lead.” I was on the advanced pre-sale list when her new book “Atlas of the Heart” came out and am slightly embarrassed at how marked up and highlighted my copy is.

When I saw that HBO would be making a docuseries of Atlas, I squealed with glee and started counting down the days until its release.

It may sound hyperbolic to say, but I truly believe that every human being should watch this five part series. It brilliantly teaches the observer how to identify and name  30 emotions through the use of movie/TV clips, storytelling and the down to earth humor that fans have come to know and love about Brené.

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