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'Big Brother' Alum Nikki Grahame Passes Following History With Anorexia

“Big Brother” alum Nikki Grahame passed away April 9, 2021 at age 38 after a years-long battle with anorexia nervosa. Grahame’s death followed a stay at a private hospital for eating disorder treatment last month.

Grahame’s passing was confirmed with a statement that read:  “It breaks our hearts to know that someone who is so precious was taken from us at such a young age.

Nikki not only touched the lives of millions of people, but also her friends and family who will miss her immensely.” As someone who, like Nikki Grahame, struggles with anorexia nervosa, hearing of anorexia-related deaths can be extremely triggering and cause me to question whether or not recovery is possible.

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