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Best LAID Plans: 5 Ways to Find Love This Year

1. Fire your current social planner. Uh, YOU.2. Realize that your “social planner” is the very same advisor that tells you to push “snooze” in the morning, and tries to sell you (and me) that coffee counts towards your water intake, and that one serving of almonds can’t possibly be 10-15.3.

Lose the wait, weight, or whatever you are sneakily using as an excuse to not have to meet your human anytime soon, while getting to “eat” what you want in the meantime.4.

Get ALL lies, exaggerations, and old and/or funky photos (in a bikini, with your six pack (beer or abs), with your twelve cats, etc.) out of your dating profile. If you are truly done with all of the BS you claim to hate, stop bullshitting and be yourself, only better.5.

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