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Benoit Mandelbrot Quotes From The Father of Fractals

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Our latest collection of insightful Benoit Mandelbrot quotes on Everday Power. Enjoy! You might not have recognized the name Benoit Mandelbrot at first unless you are a computer scientist, a stock market analyst, a meteorologist, or a math fanatic (or a nerd, as I affectionately called my husband when he got excited that I was writing about Mandelbrot this week).

Now, you might be wondering why those specific professions would immediately recognize this man’s name, but it all makes sense when you know what Benoit Mandelbrot is famous for!

You see, Benoit Mandelbrot was a Polish-born French American mathematician, known as the “Father of Fractals.” What is a fractal you might be wondering (my husband spent twenty minutes trying to remind

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