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Being a BossBabe: How to Shut Down Stereotypes and Find Your Brand Identity

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to make it easier for women in business to access that support. In addition to paid programs and membership benefits, they offer free resources specifically for business women, including a blog, a lively with 3.5 million followers and .“If we create rooms that people can enter no matter where they’re from … they can share resources and realize that things are possible that maybe weren’t before,” Danielle says.In this episode of, SUCCESS’s Madison Pieper talks to Danielle and Natalie about rejecting the “bossy” stereotype attached to ambitious women, the importance of finding your edge and always being ready to evolve.As you’re likely all too aware, the world hasn’t traditionally taken kindly to women who are ambitious, confident and career-focused.

They’ve long been dismissed as “bossy” and controlling, and told to quiet down and soften up.That culture has slowly started to change.

More women are founding successful companies, moving into C-suite positions and climbing to the tops of their fields. A lot of that success has come from women helping other women.

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