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Behind the Face of Chronic Illness and a Pandemic

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Behind the media giving us all the front row perspective of a global pandemic, shedding light on front line workers, I am left to wonder: did anyone think how the lives of the chronically ill have been affected?

People whose lives revolve around hospitals, treatments, and doctor appointments, a regular battle they live despite a global health crisis.

We are the people who wake up and face a battle of our own every day, a battle to be heard, treated, and for our health. We walk the hallways of hospitals, medical facilities, and doctors offices more often than most, all while not looking for any sort of recognition for what we know to be as our “normal.” A global pandemic highlighting what some may already have known, shedding a spotlight on the missing puzzle piece, “mutual sympathy,” the small moments taken to try to understand, to listen, to truly see the patient.

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