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Behavioral Activation: The Depression Intervention You Probably Don’t Want to Hear About

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Author John Green was grumpy when he posted a TikTok on the “stupid daily walk” he takes every day for his mental health – even though he never wants to. “Then when I’m actually taking it I’m always like, ‘Ughhhh fine, it’s enjoyable and good for me,’” he said, encouraging other TikTok users to stitch his video while going on their own “stupid walks.” I hate to break this to you, but he’s onto something, and this practice is actually a legit therapy technique.

Behavioral activation – or, in layman’s terms, doing something before you want to do it because it (annoyingly) might help your mental health – is a concept that comes from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a therapeutic treatment model that’s all about how your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors relate to each other.

Huge disclaimer before we get into it: Behavioral activation doesn’t mean going for a walk will “cure” your depression, and it should never be applied in a shameful or degrading way.

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