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Be Loud and Be Proud: Luvvie Ajayi Jones on Forging Your Own Path and Owning Your Successes

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, Luvvie tells SUCCESS’s Madison Pieper how she finally claimed the title “writer,” why she puts her own goals ahead of other people’s demands, and why privilege isn’t an accusation—but can be a tool for good.A lot of us were raised to treat other people’s expectations as our guide to life.

We constantly worked to please our parents, coaches, teachers, bosses, friends and partners. However, this approach forces us to live in a box of ambitions built by other people.

When we look around and realize that we have dreams that don’t fit in that box, we have to choose between staying safe but stifled, or reaching for new limits and potentially facing backlash.It’s hard to go against people you respect.

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