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Augmentation Strategies for Depression | Psychiatric Times

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Several years ago, I was approached by a pharmaceutical representative who wanted to tell me about a “new” agent, brexpiprazole.

Sure, I was familiar with it having learned about it in training—the serotonin 1A and dopamine D2 receptors partial agonist and serotonin 2A and noradrenaline alpha receptors antagonist that was FDA-approved for schizophrenia and as adjunctive therapy to antidepressant for major depressive disorder (MDD).1 But there is no way I would use it; after all it was likely just another “pharma” push of a drug that would not work, right?At least in academia we have been groomed to see such advancements as an advertisement or a marketing scheme, and it is taboo to engage in discussions, let alone prescribe, a marketed drug.

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