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Attending to Your Medical Health Is Critical If You've Experienced Trauma

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This past summer, I had a significant health scare. It was totally unexpected as I was, at that point, in the best shape of my life (thanks to some lifestyle changes and daily Peloton riding).

I was feeling as fit and vibrant and energetic as I ever had. But still, a significant medical surprise happened to me that truly came out of left field.

This medical surprise required many, many doctor’s appointments, multiple opinions, a major surgery, and weeks off from work to recover. (I’m happy to say that I’m fine now.) But, even with it all thankfully behind me now, the whole experience reinforced for me the absolute criticality of attending to my health as a fundamental self-care skill as I work to be the best inner parent possible to myself and model good self-care for my daughter as she grows and watches me.

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