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Are You Mistaking Handling Stress as a Strength vs a Sign You Need Support? 6 Signs of Unsustainable Stress

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We’ve been brainwashed to believe that being able to handle extreme levels of stress for prolonged periods of time is a sign of our strength versus a warning sign that something is out of alignment.We have a distorted understanding of what is healthy and stretches us in a supportive way and what is toxic, unsustainable, and frankly unacceptable.

I mean, did you get trained on how to discern the difference between stress that hurts you and stress that holds you as you expand into your growth edge?

And if even if you do know how to tell when you are under unsustainable levels of stress, have you felt like you were at liberty to do things differently or at choice to get more support, take something off your plate, or slow down the.

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