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Are Drug Holidays Safe? Your Questions About ADHD Medication Vacations — Answered

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drug holidays, especially over the summer. They often ask: Without homework or a school schedule, does my child need to continue to take their ADHD medication?My answer is almost always the same: It depends.Below are detailed answers to common questions regarding ADHD drug holidays to help you make an informed decision about your child or teen.Methylphenidate and amphetamine are the most commonly prescribed stimulants for children with ADHD.

They do not have cumulative effects over time. If your child takes one on a Monday, it works on Monday only. There’s not enough left in the blood to work on Tuesday.[Get This Free Download: ADHD Medications Comparison Chart]ADHD, by definition, doesn’t affect people in just one situation, like school or work.

Disorganization, impulsive behavior, forgetfulness, difficulty paying attention, etc., also happen in many other circumstances.

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